What’s Happening

What’s happening at TSPA? As part of our culture, TSPA makes it a point to celebrate achievements, milestones , and “wins” with our students, staff, and guests.  With the beauty industry being focused on service, we educate and encourage all to be good stewards of their fellow students, guests, and community.  Take a look through our recent events and see how TSPA celebrates the lives of our students and all those we touch.

Fall Hues

Fall has arrived and along with over-sized knit sweaters, sleek boots, and pumpkin-spiced everything, so is autumns cooler, dryer weather.  To work the weather just right and get your healthiest fall mane, consider changing up your daily hair care routine. Fall also comes with naturally drier air. Combine that with bustling winds, moisture-zapping heaters, and… Continue reading