Covid-19 Info-Our Commitment Remains Strong

The Salon Professional Academy is working to ensure a path of success by taking significant steps to avoid interruption all the while prioritizing the health and safety of our students, guests, and staff.  Working through something like this is new to the nation, the state, and certainly to us.  We want to put your mind at ease and reassure you that this unprecedented situation will not stop us from supporting Our TSPA Family.

As we have all been forced to connect in a different way and to take extraordinary health and safety measures, NONE of this is new to TSPA.  As is the required practice of our vocation, TSPA will continue to follow universal precautions and CDC guidelines for sanitation.  Sanitation is a huge focus of Cosmetology training and a continued expectation of practicing professionals.  As some states have made a move towards deregulation of the Beauty Industry, we can all see why regulatory measures and standards are a must to ensure that we all remain healthy and safe.  Connecting virtually is NOT a new concept to The Salon Professional Academy either.  We have been embracing and utilizing the benefits of web meetings and digitally based education for years.  Again, as some states have taken a discriminatory attitude towards distance learning for trade schools and most often Cosmetology Schools, TSPA is proving all the naysayers wrong.  We are proud to stand alone with our exclusive E-Learning curriculum and digital education offerings.  We will continue to prove that we are capable of thriving in a digital environment and continue to fight for sweeping changes that will allow us the same consideration as all other Post-Secondary Institutions.

As we focus on the health and safety of our TSPA family we must also prepare for the future.  Our goal is to continue forward momentum toward licensure for our current students and to knock down obstacles for prospective students starting their journey towards a career goal.  Not only have we begun to facilitate classes digitally, we have put systems in place to assist those who have chosen to pursue a career in the Beauty Industry.  Our admissions office will continue to communicate via telephone and email but now we have added a virtual option.   Admissions has begun conducting meetings, tours of our BEAUTIFUL Academy, and enrollments for future class starts ALL utilizing digital technology.  We praise all of those who have decided to follow their passion and pursue their career goals.  Our commitment to you and your passion for the Beauty Industry WILL NOT be hindered by this temporary situation.

We want to THANK all of our loyal supporters and guests for their patience.  We cannot wait to see you!

For more information on a career in Cosmetology or Esthetics please reach out, we look forward to hearing from you!

Admissions: 260.209.1220






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Have you ever seen our guest services*? We’ve got everything from trendy hairstyles to bright nail polishes with your name on it! But if you’re indecisive or need a place to start, here’s a quiz to help! Answer a few questions and we’ll give you the service that suits a beauty like you best! See you behind the chair.

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What Is Esthetics?

Esthetics is a fast growing branch of the beauty industry. It’s estimated to grow at a rate of 12% according to the Bureau of Labour And Statistics. The average job growth rate is 7%. That means a lot of job openings and opportunities to advance in esthetics.  In addition to the growth opportunities, becoming an esthetician can lead to a fun and fast paced career. Helping others feel better about themselves can give you a great sense of accomplishment.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Fort Wayne we are proud to train and support future Estheticians as they work towards a successful career in the industry. To get more information about our programs, contact us today!

So, what exactly do estheticians do? They are trained to use a variety of techniques to help cleanse, moisturize, and maintain your skin to help it look and feel healthy. Having healthy skin is one of the most important ingredients to true beauty. Here’s some things you may not know about estheticians.

Woman Receiving Facemask

Skin Care Products

There are so many skin care products out there, which makes buying a cream or a lotion a tough choice. Estheticians are trained on which products are the best to use for specific purposes. They also know which products to use for your skin specifically.

Techniques Used

Estheticians have many different techniques they use to make your skin as soft and smooth as possible. Some are well known, others may surprise you. Some of the popular skin treatments used by estheticians are facials, body wraps, waxing, and microdermabrasions.

Where Do Estheticians Work?

Trained estheticians can work in a variety of places. They can commonly be found in salons, day spas, medi spas, and resorts. Sometimes dermatologists like to have estheticians to provide complementary, non-medical treatments to help patients have healthier skin.

About Your Skin

Skin is more sensitive and requires more care than most people realize. When summer turns to fall, your skin can become dry and dehydrated. When winter turns to spring, your skin can become too moist and greasy. By going to an esthetician, you can get a treatment that is tailored to help your skin stay smooth, healthy, and radiant no matter the season.

Becoming An Esthetician

There’s a lot to learn about skin and products to become an esthetician. To be an official esthetician you have to go to school to receive training. During your time in school you will get 700 hours of practice. This is to prepare you and give you the experience you need to be a great esthetician. Once school has been completed, there’s a state board test to become officially certified. Once you pass the test you’ll be set to go.

Becoming an esthetician could be a great career choice! Check us out if you want to learn more about becoming an esthetician or contact us for more information. Now, go get started in a career that you’ll love!


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