Meet TSPA Fort Wayne’s Joint Owner – Aimee Black

Last month we had the privilege to meet Cheryl Livingston, one of the amazing owners of The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA) Fort Wayne, Indiana location. While this school isn’t open quite yet, the owners are already hard at work making the school beautiful and ready to welcome the very first students in their doors.
This month, we were able to sit down with one of Cheryl’s co-owner, Aimee Black, and talk to her about her beauty background, as well as learn about what drives her. With years of experience and a passion to help students succeed, Aimee is dedicated to make this new TSPA location a staple in the community and one known for producing talented students.

”It’s Never Too Late To Change.”

Fort Wayne Owner AimeeAimee is a testament to following your heart and never saying no to a passion. After all, her working career didn’t start in the beauty industry. Aimee began working in restaurants and spent many years as a manager before contemplating a career change after the birth of her daughter.
Drawn to creativity, something that infuses every part of her life from hair to decorating her house, Aimee obtained her cosmetology certificate at 31 years of age, proving that it is never too late for a change or to pursue a new passion.
This simple life lesson is something that she hopes to teach each of her future students. Known for her witty honesty, Aimee welcomes every new guest through their doors with the phrase “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to mess up,” going on to say that “Sometimes you learn more from the bad people, and the bad experiences in life, than you do the good ones.”

“Never Let Go of the Hose.”

Fort Wayne Owner AimeeFailing is something that Aimee has done many times and also something that she has learned from. In fact, one of her greatest (and first) mistakes within the beauty industry was back in cosmetology school. Upon leaving “the Dungeon” of foundations classes, a term used to describe the classrooms of her school as they are all located in the basement, Aimee was finally welcomed onto the floor of her school, mannequin head in hand. Given the task of shampooing the head’s hair, Aimee ended in disaster as the hose went haywire, sending water all over everything: staff, clients, floor and ceiling. Everyone yelled at her to turn off the water, to grab the hose, but both evaded her, leaving her soaking and humiliated on a task that should have been easy but instead taught her a valuable lesson of failure and the value of never giving up.
The successes that have followed the experience, not only push Aimee to do better, but to teach others that lessons and accomplishments can be hidden in failing.
“I never let go of the hose.” She told us, making it clear that that lesson serves as core strength.

“It’s Our Culture That Makes Us Great.”

Fort Wayne Owner AimeeWhen Aimee first entered the beauty industry after graduation she was lucky enough to work in a salon that was run by one of the original Redken Educators. This woman took her under wing and served as not only her mentor but as the basis for much of her standards within the industry. It was this first, impactful experience that fuels Aimee’s drive to teach and educate young students and give them the skills they need to become valuable assets in their future careers.
It’s more than her mentor that keeps her passion for the industry alive, however, it is her determination and faith in a culture that has often been viewed as an underdog. Seen for years as the career for unsuccessful cast offs, the beauty industry has risen above that standard; driven by a loving support structure that can be seen in both the community and culture. It is a culture that she is proud to be a part of but also proud to help grow as she begins the task of training the next generation and continuing a tradition of determination and love.

Feel infected by Aimee’s passion and determination? You are not alone. Join her and Cheryl as they impact an industry and their town. If you are interested in learning more about TSPA Fort Wayne’s programs or would like to be part of our inaugural class and take advantage of our steep discount, contact our admissions department.


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Say Hi to Cheryl Livingston, Joint Owner of TSPA Fort Wayne

The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Fort Wayne is one of the newest beauty schools in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Run by three amazing women with decades of experience in the beauty industry. We were able to sit down with Cheryl Livingston to ask her about what got her started, and what led her to be a joint-owner of her own TSPA school. Discover for yourself how her passions could transfer into your education.

meet Cheryl Livingston

Where Her Passion Began

Cheryl began her cosmetology education back when concurrent enrollment through high school was still possible. She was able to take beauty school courses while still attending high-school during the day, thereby completing her hours for licensure the same time as her peers were completing high school. This immediately launched her into a career that has spanned over 43 years.
From managing corporate salon locations to spending time at a chair in a boutique, Cheryl has done it all, honing her skills and gleaning technique from the businesses she has represented. Using the skills she learned from years before, she opened her own salon, The Loft: hair, skin, nails which is located just down the street from her TSPA school.
It was in those years of learning, and in owning her own salon, that she became aware of a gap in the education of beauty students in her area and felt a desire to fill it.

Where Her Love Lies

While running her salon, The Loft: hair, skin, nails, Cheryl started to see some of her new team members come in without many of the business skills that she liked to see as a salon owner. She began providing an additional 9 month training program to her new hires, utilizing the Summit Salon Business System. This helped to fill in some of the gaps in their education and created a well-rounded team member. While doing this, her new hires, as well as her current team members, began to blossom and grow, developing a strong confidence that led them toward obtaining the “keys to success.”
It was in those moments of teaching and mentoring that she began to find a deeper passion beyond cosmetology, a passion that grew from the most unconventional places.


Where Her Strength Comes From

548865_10151081480054275_94503258_nA two-time breast cancer survivor of over twenty years, Cheryl first started to feel that passion for mentoring when she was fighting her own fight, realizing that the willingness to succeed was in all of us. As she came out victorious in her own battles, she carried on that battle cry, sharing those tools of strength to all of her students, allowing them to grow above their own trials.
All those fights, however, are not without some moments of calm.

Where Her Hope Grows

Cheryl is a lover of beaches, something that is far away in her home of Indiana. Luckily, painting can go everywhere; which is another of her passions. While she loves to create beautiful things with paint, her favorite will always be creating masterpieces with hair; something that she continues to share with her students and hopes to for years to come.

meet Cheryl Livingston

Cheryl is a strong professional with the skills and knowledge that only comes with decades of experience. It is her willingness to share and spread that knowledge that makes her such an asset, not only for her school, but for the students she has committed to. Do you want to meet the woman who continues to inspire? Come in for a tour!


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