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*{All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals}


Exploring Career Possibilities in Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling!

As a cosmetologist, you could choose from a variety of careers once you’re done with our program at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Fort Wayne. Makeup artist and hairstylist are the most common options for many cosmetologists. However, there are several more specific careers to choose from within those broader fields!

Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you can learn how to apply different styles of makeup using professional tools and products. You also won’t be limited to working in a salon or behind a makeup counter after completing school. There are a variety of creative routes you could take on this career path. Here are a few examples!

Fashion/Editorial Makeup Artist

Think about all the incredible makeup looks on the catwalk. These styles are typically what sets the ‘trend’ for the following season. As an editorial makeup artist, you could be the one creating trend-setting looks! Interested in photography? Editorial makeup artists also do makeup for magazine and brand campaign photoshoots. If you’ve always wanted to work in fashion, a career as an editorial makeup artist is a great way to get your foot in the door!

Theatrical/Film Makeup Artist

Working as a theatrical or film makeup artist is a great choice for those with a flair for the dramatic arts. The looks you see in movies, TV shows, and stage plays are just as important as the sets and costumes. Makeup is a part of a character, whether you’re styling someone for a modern thriller or a Victorian period piece. With a cosmetology license and the right connections, you could eventually find a job behind the scenes of a musical or on the set of a hit series!

Makeup artist paints an actor with gold paint for a film.

Freelance/Personal Makeup Artist

Does the idea of working for yourself appeal to you? Many makeup artists chose to work as freelancers. This could entail visiting a client’s home or business to do makeup or providing makeup application from your own home. Freelance makeup artists can style bridal parties, help clients get ready for big events, or prepare models for photo shoots. In addition to providing services to physical clients, makeup artists can create informative content on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Makeup hauls, product reviews, and tutorials are extremely popular across social media channels. As a trained professional, you could offer content with real authority and experience behind it.

Makeup artist doing the makeup for a bride on her wedding day.

Hair Stylist

When we think of cosmetology, a hairstylist is usually the career that comes to mind. While the role of a stylist does include cutting and styling hair in a salon environment, you’ve got options when it comes to your future. If being a hair stylist appeals to you, but you want to take a more creative approach, here are some career choices!

Editorial Hair Stylist

Love the glamorous blowouts you see in shampoo commercials and magazine advertisements? As an editorial hair stylist, you could be the one creating those fabulous locks! From social media campaigns to traditional print spreads, a professional photo shoot always needs a hairstylist. Got a good eye for fashion all things up and coming? Editorial hair stylists can flex their creative muscles by helping design and execute the trendy hairstyles seen on the runways. This is an exciting career choice for anyone interested in fashion, marketing, trends, photography, or a combination of all four!

Film/TV Hair Stylist

What would “Game of Thrones” be like without those elaborate braided hairstyles? Would “Star Wars” really be the same without Princess Leia’s famous space buns? Hair stylists for films and TV shows don’t just do the actors’ hair, they help create the characters! If you’re a film buff or a TV show enthusiast, working as a hairstylist in the entertainment industry could be your perfect cup of tea. It’s a great opportunity to be creative while working with a diverse group of people.

Woman in a roman costume with an ornate hair.

Bridal Hair Stylist

On someone’s wedding day, every detail needs to be just right. The hair is no exception. Brides want a style, cut, and color that’s going to work with their dress and look beautiful in photos. A bridal hairstylist is the one in charge of making her vision come true. Styling hair for weddings is a fun career choice because it allows for a lot of creativity. Every bride is different, so that means you’ll get a chance to do unique styles, colors, and cuts with every client. From long curls, elegant braids, meticulous updos, bridal styling is a great way to use your talent while making someone’s dreams come true!

Stylist arranges a veil on a bride's head.

Hair Colorist

When you think about hair, does color appeal most to you? Hair colorists specialize in formulating and applying different types of color to clients’ hair. This includes services like temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair color, highlights and lowlights, and bleaching services like lifting, toning, and color correcting. Coloring hair is a creative science that requires meticulous attention to detail. If experimenting with coloring products and techniques sounds like your thing, think about specializing in hair color once you receive your cosmetology license!

Close up of a colorist applying product to a client's hair with foil in use.

Apply to Our Cosmetology Program

Want to enter the exciting world of beauty careers? Our cosmetology program at TSPA Fort Wayne can prepare you for a long-term future in the industry. To learn more about this and our other programs, contact us today!

Get a Second Chance at Achieving Your Dreams: Scholarship at TSPA Fort Wayne

At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Fort Wayne, we always think there’s time for a second chance at your education. Life can be difficult sometimes. Maybe something got in the way of you finishing your education in the past. Whatever that roadblock was, it doesn’t have to prevent you from achieving your goal now. We are passionate about education and helping students at TSPA Fort Wayne. Our staff and educators want to help you get back on the track toward a successful future. That’s why we offer the Second Chance Scholarship.

A Second Chance in an Inclusive Environment

Sometimes when you attend a large university or community college, you can feel out of place. Large class sizes can cause people to feel like numbers instead of individuals. Wherever you attended in the past, know that TSPA Fort Wayne treats every student as a unique individual. The beauty industry is full of creative, passionate individuals who want to share their artistic vision. We place a high value on creativity and individuality because we know that’s what matters in the beauty world. A cosmetology education could be ideal for you if you want a future where these traits are valued.

Group of young women sit together.

About the Second Chance Scholarship

The scholarship is non-transferrable. It can’t be used for the cost of textbooks and kit costs and cannot be applied to tuition. If you receive the scholarship, ou will receive a letter in the mail prior to class start date. If, for any reason, you need to postpone your enrollment, you must reapply for the scholarship later.

Application Process

  • Visit TSPA Fort Wayne for an admissions meeting.
  • Submit an application for enrollment.
  • Submit a copy of high school transcripts, diploma, or GED certificate.
  • Submit proof of attending another institution with the last two years.
  • Get accepted into our cosmetology program.
  • Submit a letter of character recommendation.
  • Submit a typed, personal essay of 300 words or less, or a three-minute or less video. It must answer the question: How would a second chance to fulfill your dream impact your life? We want to know why you’re looking for a second chance at an education. Why do you think the beauty industry is a good place for you to be? What do you dream of doing with your cosmetology education? Why are you choosing TSPA Fort Wayne and how would our scholarship help propel you toward your goals?

Woman with bright red hair holds a hairdryer and a brush.

Achieve Your Goals

No matter how you long you’ve put your education on hold, now is the time to start again! Put the past in the past and make TSPA Fort Wayne a part of your future. A cosmetology education could help you find a creative, fulfilling career in the beauty industry. To learn more about our Second Chance Scholarship, contact TSPA Fort Wayne today.

Want to learn more about what why you should follow your dreams in beauty at TSPA Fort Wayne? Check out our blog posts.


Born for This: 5 Reasons to Follow Your Cosmetology Dreams!

Experience the Difference of a Redken Education

What to Expect in Cosmetology School

Which Service is for You?

Have you ever seen our guest services*? We’ve got everything from trendy hairstyles to bright nail polishes with your name on it! But if you’re indecisive or need a place to start, here’s a quiz to help! Answer a few questions and we’ll give you the service that suits a beauty like you best! See you behind the chair.

What service is right for you?

So what were your results? Book an appointment with us today so we can bring your vision to life!

If you want to see more of what we bring to the table here at The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) Fort Wayne, check out our student salon training area here!*

*{All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals}

{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit}

Born for This: 5 Reasons to Follow Your Cosmetology Dreams!

Follow your dreams. It’s a phrase that’s been said many times. Yet there are still people who don’t follow their dreams or pursue their passions. Schedules get filled, appointments are made, and life can get in the way. But it’s not too late to pursue an education in cosmetology!

Below are five reasons why we at The Professional Salon Academy(TSPA), Fort Wayne believes you were born to follow your cosmetology dreams!

  1. Cosmetology is Your Passion

    You pride yourself on how awesome your hair and makeup look. You know what products are best for different hair types and how to use them. Your makeup blending skills are awesome and you always bring your A-game when it comes to contouring. But your passion goes beyond doing your own makeup and hair, you get excited when you are able to help others with their hair and makeup.

  2. Your Childhood was Full of Funny Hair Stories

    You tried to cut your own hair or your friends’ hair growing up. Don’t worry, it happened to all of us. However, we all learn from past mistakes and sometimes they make funny stories down the road. Fortunately hair grows back and you learned the importance of having a great hair stylist.

  3. Your Friends Have You on Speed Dial

    Whether it was a playdate with your childhood friends or spending hours before a dance doing each others’ hair, doing hair has always been a part of your life. You remember the first time you successfully weaved a french braid. You also remember the exact shade of red you used to dye your sister’s hair before senior year. Hair is an important part of your life and you take pride in your skills and are always craving to learn more on how you can perfect your skills.

  4. Cosmetology Makes You Happy

    Trying out a new shampoo gives you an adrenaline rush. Cracking open a new eyeshadow palette gives you goosebumps. The feel of a new makeup brush is super satisfying. It really is the little things that you appreciate about makeup that others don’t always notice. Anyone in the cosmetology field can relate and they are willing to share your excitement about new products or giving your client an awesome haircut.

  5. Make Yourself Proud

    There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve accomplished something great! Making your dreams a reality is exciting and worthwhile. You may feel a sense of deep pride that can only come from hard work and dedication. It’s not every day that people decide to follow their dreams and when you decide to you deserve to celebrate!

What are you waiting for? Start chasing your cosmetology dreams today by discovering our cosmetology program! Contact us at 260-209-1220 for more information today.

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Is Beauty School Right For You? Take Our Quiz!

Have you have ever thought about going to beauty school and becoming a cosmetologist, but didn’t know if it was the right fit? This quiz will give you some insight!

Beauty School Quiz

Are you ready to pursue your dreams and work toward that perfect career in beauty? Contact us today to discover what your future could hold!


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