The Biggest and Best in Halloween Hair

Have you planned your costume yet?

It’s the question that can bring on varying levels of fear, excitement, or dread. Love it or hate it, Halloween is here and with it comes the craziness and amazing displays of both costume and hair. No matter if you have been working on your costume ideas for months, or are a last minute planner, this season is full of amazingly creative works.

At The Salon Professional Academy, Fort Wayne, we love this time of year. We love seeing all the looks and creative masterpieces that people come up with. We especially love seeing all the amazing looks our cosmetology students come up with.

If you are looking for inspiration, or just like ogling over the amazing looks that people come up with, here are some of our favorites.

Watch for the Sting

Scorpion Hair

This scorpion inspired look reaches high as it prepares to sting anyone who gets too close. Full of beautiful crimps and braids, add a few wires and you could easily replicate this look. Add some dark eye makeup, and you will keep any unwanted visitor away.

Glittery Fantasy

unicorn costume

If you already boast beautiful pastel locks you are halfway to this fanciful look. Whether you choose a headband horn, or wrapping your hair into the iconic cone, all you need is some glitter and your Halloween is set.

Fragile. Will Break.

broken doll

Piles of curls and the perfect butterfly clip help to create this child-like look. Add in the china-doll makeup, complete with cracked and broken pieces and those curls become something from your darkest dreams.

The Haunted Forest

haunted forrest hair

Nothing is scarier than a forest around Halloween, except perhaps the ghosts that you find there. If you want to embody those fears, this look will leave people shuddering. And all it takes is a headdress and a tease.

Avert Your Eyes

medusa hair

This amazing creation by Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the Medusa that has haunted so many. The snakes, quite literally, erupt from her hair, ready to strike. While harder to replicate, this look will definitely turn heads, and turn them to stone.

Which haunted look sends shivers up your spine?

Let us know in the comments, we’d love to see your amazing creation and know what you have drawn inspiration from.

From everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Fort Wayne, we hope you have a fun, safe, and creepy Halloween!