What to Expect in Cosmetology School

Beauty school can be a new and exciting opportunity to learn and grow, but what is it really like to be a beauty school student? Some people wonder if it’s similar to being in high school, or if it’s a different experience entirely. Let’s look at a day in the life of a cosmetology student and find out!

Classroom Learning

The part of cosmetology school that people might think is similar to high school is the learning that takes place in the classroom. Beauty school students have textbooks and classes just like they had in high school. The major difference is that cosmetology programs involve a great deal of practical learning. You might spend time in the classroom learning about different types of hair styles and treatments, and then you often have the opportunity to practice what you’re learning in class under the supervision of licensed professionals. This means that cosmetology can play to the strengths of a variety of different learning styles.

Practical Application

When students first start out at a beauty school, they typically spend their time in the classroom. Laying a foundation is important to help prepare the student to practice in the student salon training area. As students move forward with their education, they often spend less and less time in the classroom to spend more time in the student salon training area where they gain more required hours for graduation. This can help them feel completely confident and ready to provide services after graduating!

Not Just Hair-Brained Education

Cosmetology is at the core of what students are given the opportunity to learn in beauty school, but it doesn’t end there! Courses in business management or how to grow your guest count are integral to helping cosmetology students be successful after graduation. Our students come to beauty school with different dreams and goals in mind, so it’s important to use to teach things that can help graduates be successful. It’s not just about learning to cut hair, but how to be a savvy business person!

Building a Network

It’s often said that it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters most! In the world of beauty this can also be true. Networking while in beauty school can help open avenues you might not otherwise have had! It could be that the school or the instructors have resources to help find employment after graduation, or it could be that your classmate has a dream to open their salon and they want your help to do it. Having connections from beauty school can help you be successful after you graduate through the rest of your life!

Begin With Us

Are you ready to begin a new journey into the world of beauty? Join us at The Salon Professional Academy, Fort Wayne to take the first step towards a new future! Cosmetology can be a great way for you pursue your dreams. If you’re still not sure, you can read about our five reasons to follow your cosmetology dreams! Reach out to us for more information about the things you can learn in cosmetology school!