Don’t be Scared of the Student Salon Training Area!

We recently hit a huge milestone at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Fort Wayne. After opening earlier this year and welcoming our first students into our beautiful new facility, we officially began welcoming those same students into the Student Salon Training Area to perform the skills they have learned.

After hours of skills being practiced on mannequin heads and mastering techniques on volunteers, our first class obtained the practice and curriculum hours needed to progress. We are so proud of these students for striving to achieve their goals and are proud to have supported them along the way.

If you have ever considered having a service done at a local beauty school, now is a great time to head on in! There is no reason to be afraid of having your cut and style done by a student stylist, in fact, there are so many positives!

Here are just a few to get you excited and ready for your future visit.

Modern and Trendy

Student Salon Training Areas are actually one of the best places to get that trendy hair cut and color you have seen all over social media. Because the students are in the process of learning and experimenting with their basic skills it creates the perfect environment for their imagination to soar and master some of the styles that they themselves are enamored with.

The entry way to TSPA Fort Wayne

In addition to all of this time that students have to practice and master skills, they also get a chance to do it with some of the newest equipment with some of the highest quality products. This can be especially true if a school has a relationship with a brand.

At TSPA Fort Wayne we are proud to have a relationship with Redken that allows us not only to have their products in our classroom, but in our student salon training area as well. This gives clients some of the best products to master their craft, as well as keep your hair looking great!

Don’t Break the Bank

It’s no secret that getting a service at a cosmetology school can cost less than services at high-end salons. In fact, those prices can be anywhere for 30-50% lower than at a traditional salon. That is a huge reduction!

Prepared Students, Helpful Educators

No matter what anyone tells you about the student salon training areas at cosmetology schools, students do not enter the practical training areas without preparation. In fact, before they can even set foot in the student salon training area they must have gone through months of practical and theory classes.

Students in the salon training area at TSPA Fort Wayne

More than just cutting the hair and practicing skills on mannequin heads, students take classes on color theory, chemical safety, skin care, and even anatomy – to name a few.

Even with all those training and practice hours being required before demonstrating their skills on clients, they aren’t unsupported. While creating styles in the student salon training area, students are under the direct supervision of a licensed professional. Giving the students an additional layer of support is important, but it also gives you a layer of comfort to know you are getting a professional quality haircut and so you can feel confident getting ahead of the 2018 beauty trends in our student salon training area.

Regulation Ready

Beauty schools are some of the most regulated facilities in the country, and all of that regulation can really benefit you. While the state regulates everything from hours in specific classes to the type of courses being offered, accrediting and franchising bodies can offer even more regulation in the way of facilities standards and educator training. This can make beauty schools one of the cleanest, most advanced places to get a service done.

Supporting the Future

The most important part of getting a service done is, of course, being able to support the future generation of cosmetologists.

The pedicure area at TSPA Fort Wayne

These budding professionals have big dreams, and they are working hard to reach them! In order to master their skill and become the cosmetology or esthetics professional they want to be, however, they have to practice! Supporting them in this creates a generation of hard working professionals. Besides, you could find the skilled stylist that you have been looking for.

There are so many reasons to take advantage of seeing a student stylist!

With our beautiful new facilities and trained students waiting for you, we would love to welcome you to TSPA Fort Wayne and give you the style you want, at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and visit our student salon training area for a pampering service, and some time just for you.

We will see you soon!