Covid-19 Info-Our Commitment Remains Strong

The Salon Professional Academy is working to ensure a path of success by taking significant steps to avoid interruption all the while prioritizing the health and safety of our students, guests, and staff.  Working through something like this is new to the nation, the state, and certainly to us.  We want to put your mind at ease and reassure you that this unprecedented situation will not stop us from supporting Our TSPA Family.

As we have all been forced to connect in a different way and to take extraordinary health and safety measures, NONE of this is new to TSPA.  As is the required practice of our vocation, TSPA will continue to follow universal precautions and CDC guidelines for sanitation.  Sanitation is a huge focus of Cosmetology training and a continued expectation of practicing professionals.  As some states have made a move towards deregulation of the Beauty Industry, we can all see why regulatory measures and standards are a must to ensure that we all remain healthy and safe.  Connecting virtually is NOT a new concept to The Salon Professional Academy either.  We have been embracing and utilizing the benefits of web meetings and digitally based education for years.  Again, as some states have taken a discriminatory attitude towards distance learning for trade schools and most often Cosmetology Schools, TSPA is proving all the naysayers wrong.  We are proud to stand alone with our exclusive E-Learning curriculum and digital education offerings.  We will continue to prove that we are capable of thriving in a digital environment and continue to fight for sweeping changes that will allow us the same consideration as all other Post-Secondary Institutions.

As we focus on the health and safety of our TSPA family we must also prepare for the future.  Our goal is to continue forward momentum toward licensure for our current students and to knock down obstacles for prospective students starting their journey towards a career goal.  Not only have we begun to facilitate classes digitally, we have put systems in place to assist those who have chosen to pursue a career in the Beauty Industry.  Our admissions office will continue to communicate via telephone and email but now we have added a virtual option.   Admissions has begun conducting meetings, tours of our BEAUTIFUL Academy, and enrollments for future class starts ALL utilizing digital technology.  We praise all of those who have decided to follow their passion and pursue their career goals.  Our commitment to you and your passion for the Beauty Industry WILL NOT be hindered by this temporary situation.

We want to THANK all of our loyal supporters and guests for their patience.  We cannot wait to see you!

For more information on a career in Cosmetology or Esthetics please reach out, we look forward to hearing from you!

Admissions: 260.209.1220






What Beauty School Can Teach You That YouTube Can’t

In such a digital age, it’s no wonder that when we need help, we turn to our screens. With so much info, who knows what is proper and what is just practice. Don’t miss out on a solid education at a beauty school like The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA), Fort Wayne for the convenience of impersonal, online tutorials.

Get Licensed

Sure, NikkieTutorials can give you contour tips and even a bomb highlighter, but she can’t get you licensed. Reach your potential and receive certification in a professional school.

Beauty School vs. YouTube

Beauty School

Participating and completing a full cosmetology program at a school grants you the opportunity to learn and practice the proper techniques. You can receive in-person guidance, treat real models, and use plenty of time to practice. You will have access to professional tools, products, and educators! These educators are here to show you how to properly use everything from shears to combs.


Attempting looks and skills that require chemicals and sharp tools can be dangerous or even disastrous! YouTube can’t provide you with hair models to practice on, urging you to attempt these activities on yourself. This only increases the chance of error. Instead of winding up with orange-bleach hair, learn how to execute it beautifully alongside professionals.

mascara fail

Correct Technique

If you’ve seen a YouTube tutorial, it’s likely that you’ve heard those gurus on the screen tell you that whatever “method” they are using is “just what works for [them]”. Their way isn’t necessarily correct or best, and it is how they ensure viewers that if something goes wrong, they can’t be held responsible. Tread the internet carefully, or learn right the first time.

Beauty School vs. YouTube

Beauty School

Beauty schools not only can provide you with the proper tools and education on how to use them, but here at TSPA Fort Wayne, we have access to Redken professional products and education that can provide a great understanding of proper technique. At school, you’ll work from your very own, fully-stocked kit. One-on-one coaching can help you avoid damage to hair or skin and can teach you proper sanitation.


Let’s say you’re on the hunt to learn something new. Maybe it’s lowlights or how to fake lip injections. A five minute video is not long enough to teach and provide skill-mastery. It is also likely taught by someone who is self-taught themselves, leaving much room for error, miscommunication, or misinterpretation.

makeup application

It’s Not Just Makeup and Hair

Becoming a stylist is client-facing. Developing solid clientele is both necessary and strategic! Beauty schools want to get you there.

Beauty School vs. YouTube

Beauty School

TSPA Fort Wayne seeks to teach a lot more than just outer beauty. We push our students to understand business skills like self-marketing, entrepreneurship, positive communication, and guest relations. Build your book successfully with the right skills and education to do it.


Online how-tos are not face-to-face, robbing you of an opportunity to develop those necessary communication skills and even professional relationships. With real life in-person encouragement, you can network and be led to success!

makeup vanity girl

YouTube is a great resource for inspiration and information, but don’t miss out on a full education at a beauty school. Perfect your skills the proper way at TSPA Fort Wayne!
Put in the time and and effort and enjoy our talented educators so that you can live out your beautiful future.

Start your journey toward a future in beauty and apply to one of our programs now!

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At a Glance: The Instructor Training Program

Remember when you were a cosmetology student standing behind the chair between your guest and educator. Does it bring back any memories? Now imagine being behind the chair…beside a guest and a student. Welcome to cosmetology education! By this time next year, you could be one. The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Fort Wayne, offers a program for aspiring educators of the beauty industry. Curious about a career in beauty education? Here’s what to expect!

cosmetology school tspa fort wayne


Remember that one educator YOU looked up to? Now you can be him or her yourself! Students can come to you for advice, guidance, and encouragement on the journey you were once on. Our Instructor Training program can provide you with a variety of skills that instructors use to work alongside cosmetology students, suggest pointers, and provide positivity.

Goal Setting

As an educator, you have goals of your own as well as goals for your students. Help your students set and attain goals throughout their education. Teaching how to both teach and inspire is a heavy focus in the Instructor Training program. This can easily be accomplished with one-on-one training to allow an honest, interpersonal relationship.

beauty goals

Create a Good Learning Environment

Success and learning is best done in a culture of comfort, surrounded by positivity, drive, and patience! Our program works to foster a creative work environment and encourage our future educators to create this type of space. Feeling comfortable in your workspace develops a positive culture, one you won’t want to leave.

A Change in Industry

At TSPA Fort Wayne, we strive for a change in the industry. This furthered education is an asset toward our efforts of an advanced curriculum and refined cosmetology skill. We can initiate this culture with the Instructor Training Program! More instructors means more opportunities for a beautiful future. Learn to teach and inspire future students.

Who is the Instructor Training Program For?

Licensed Professionals

Instructor Training is available to licensed professionals with at least three years of experience in the industry.

Those With a Desire to Inspire

If you love beauty, people, are outgoing and want to help others succeed, our Instructor Training program could be for you!

Those Who Are Ready for the Next Step

Want to further your career? If you are a cosmetologist, you might be ready to take the next step and advance into cosmetology education. The program is a 1000 hour part-time schedule for the duration of 50 weeks, so you can keep working during our program.

TSPA Fort Wayne

Want to Learn More?

Do you ever reflect on your cosmetology education experience? What did you love? Continue that passion. What would you change? Be that change. Build not just your future, but others’ too. Participating in our instructor Training program can teach you to build relationships, make memories, and meet lifelong friends.

Visit us or send us a message now!

Find out more about what you can expect as a student at TSPA Fort Wayne here!

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Meet Kerri Schultz, An Owner of TSPA Fort Wayne!

In January 2018, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Fort Wayne welcomed a third partner into our family. Kerri Schultz joined us after years of experience in the beauty industry and even more relevant experience as a part of the TSPA Evansville family. We are so excited that she decided to join Cheryl and Aimee in their quest to create a beauty school with a well-known history and a culture admired by everyone!

Kerri has been in the beauty field for a long time, and this is her story.

Kerri’s License History

Kerri has come a long way since her first beauty school graduation. You could say we’re impressed by how much she has accomplished in her years.

“I graduated cosmetology school 27 years ago. Then, I pursued more education by getting my esthetician’s license and instructor’s license at TSPA Evansville. I graduated from there in 2009! I’ve been a lead instructor at TSPA Evansville for about 10 years.”

We believe that she is the prime example of someone who understands how important an education is to the beauty industry. In this field, you can never stop learning, and pursuing additional programs, classes, and courses will benefit you in a variety of ways.

One of TSPA Fort Wayne's owners, Kerri Schultz.

Her Journey from Lead Instructor to Partner

“It’s been crazy! I’ve always wanted this. I love this industry. It’s all about elevating what we provide. It’s been a dream since early on since I started educating. To be able to run my own school. I’ve been a trainer for Salon Professional Education Company (SPEC) for the last two years, and that’s how I met Aimee and Cheryl. I met them at a SPEC training. I become their trainer and got to know them really well. I told them I wanted to partner. I have been with them since the beginning.”

Our established relationship was a driving factor in bringing Kerri into our family fold, and we are so happy that we did! We believe the things she brings to the table as an established instructor, beauty school alumni, and trainer improve the lives of all of our students.

Inspiration Around Every Corner

We asked Kerri to share what she finds inspiring. In our field, you can find inspiration in the everyday. From magazines to billboards, to things that appear selfless like the way someone else learns, beauty professionals have a knack for drawing creativity from every corner.

“Making a difference. Helping someone help realize what their potential and dream.”

Kerri’s drive to help others is what makes her so great at her job. We can’t imagine bringing anyone else onto our team. People who are inspired by others’ accomplishments bring a sense of community and love of learning to our classrooms.

Why Kerri Loves Her Job

“It’s the students. Getting to see them grow and inspire each other. Being able to relate to each of them because we all on the same boat.”

The advantage that Kerri brings to the table that many other owners might not is her own personal experiences. As an owner who has gone through beauty school herself, she knows what the day to day is like for our students. She can help them see the light and the end of the tunnel. She can push them to be successful and have the desire to achieve success.

What Kerri Loves About TSPA Fort Wayne

Some people may believe that all beauty schools provide the same things to their students. We strongly disagree. We know that we are different because we are a different set of owners and a different team of staff members. Our students are unique and we want to provide them an education that makes them feel fulfilled. We asked Kerri what she believes makes TSPA Fort Wayne different.

“We are developing salon ready professionals, it’s the business aspect. We teach people how to grow a business and give them CURRENT technical skills. It’s not just about creating beautiful looks. It’s more than that.”

Love Your Education!

Do you want the opportunity to learn from someone like Kerri? Check out our programs! Our team would be more than happy to help you decide if beauty school is right for you and even walk you through the enrollment process for our school. Become inspired! Contact us today!

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{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit}