Born for This: 5 Reasons to Follow Your Cosmetology Dreams!

Follow your dreams. It’s a phrase that’s been said many times. Yet there are still people who don’t follow their dreams or pursue their passions. Schedules get filled, appointments are made, and life can get in the way. But it’s not too late to pursue an education in cosmetology!

Below are five reasons why we at The Professional Salon Academy(TSPA), Fort Wayne believes you were born to follow your cosmetology dreams!

  1. Cosmetology is Your Passion

    You pride yourself on how awesome your hair and makeup look. You know what products are best for different hair types and how to use them. Your makeup blending skills are awesome and you always bring your A-game when it comes to contouring. But your passion goes beyond doing your own makeup and hair, you get excited when you are able to help others with their hair and makeup.

  2. Your Childhood was Full of Funny Hair Stories

    You tried to cut your own hair or your friends’ hair growing up. Don’t worry, it happened to all of us. However, we all learn from past mistakes and sometimes they make funny stories down the road. Fortunately hair grows back and you learned the importance of having a great hair stylist.

  3. Your Friends Have You on Speed Dial

    Whether it was a playdate with your childhood friends or spending hours before a dance doing each others’ hair, doing hair has always been a part of your life. You remember the first time you successfully weaved a french braid. You also remember the exact shade of red you used to dye your sister’s hair before senior year. Hair is an important part of your life and you take pride in your skills and are always craving to learn more on how you can perfect your skills.

  4. Cosmetology Makes You Happy

    Trying out a new shampoo gives you an adrenaline rush. Cracking open a new eyeshadow palette gives you goosebumps. The feel of a new makeup brush is super satisfying. It really is the little things that you appreciate about makeup that others don’t always notice. Anyone in the cosmetology field can relate and they are willing to share your excitement about new products or giving your client an awesome haircut.

  5. Make Yourself Proud

    There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve accomplished something great! Making your dreams a reality is exciting and worthwhile. You may feel a sense of deep pride that can only come from hard work and dedication. It’s not every day that people decide to follow their dreams and when you decide to you deserve to celebrate!

What are you waiting for? Start chasing your cosmetology dreams today by discovering our cosmetology program! Contact us at 260-209-1220 for more information today.

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