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Hair Care 101: Tips and Tricks for Healthy and Beautiful Locks June 11, 2024

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At the Salon Professional Academy Fort Wayne, we believe that healthy, beautiful hair is a key component of your overall confidence and style. Today, we’re diving into the essentials of hair care. Whether you’re looking to maintain your current hairstyle or embark on a new hair journey, understanding the basics of hair care is essential. At TSPA Fort Wayne, we not only offer professional advice but also a range of top-notch services to help you achieve and maintain gorgeous hair. Here’s our comprehensive guide to keeping your locks looking their best and how our services can enhance your hair care routine!


Know Your Hair Type


The first step in effective hair care is understanding your hair type. Is your hair straight, wavy, curly, or coily? Is it fine, medium, or thick? Different hair types require different care routines and products. For instance, curly hair often needs more moisture than straight hair, while fine hair can be weighed down by heavy products. Our student stylists at TSPA Fort Wayne can help you determine your hair type and recommend the best products and treatments for your unique needs.


Shampoo and Condition Properly


Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair type is crucial. For example, if you have dry hair, opt for moisturizing products, while those with oily hair should use clarifying shampoos. At TSPA Fort Wayne, we offer personalized consultations to recommend the best products for your hair, ensuring you get the right care every time.



  • Frequency: How often you shampoo your hair should depend on your hair type and lifestyle. Oily hair might need daily shampooing, while dry hair may only need to be shampooed once or twice a week.
  • Technique: Focus on your scalp when shampooing. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips to remove buildup and promote circulation. Avoid using your nails as this can cause irritation.



  • Application: Apply conditioner mainly to the ends of your hair, where it needs the most moisture. Avoid the roots if you have fine or oily hair.
  • Deep Conditioning: Use a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week, this is vital for nourishing your hair and keeping it hydrated. Leave it on for at least 10-15 minutes (or as per the product instructions) for best results. Better yet, indulge in our luxurious deep conditioning treatments at TSPA Fort Wayne, where we use high-quality products to rejuvenate your hair.


Avoid Over-Shampooing


Shampooing your hair too frequently can strip it of natural oils, leading to dryness and damage. Aim to shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week. If you’re not sure about the best shampooing routine for your hair type, our student stylists are here to guide you.


Avoid Over-Processing


Limit the use of chemical treatments like coloring, perming, and relaxing. If you do choose to chemically treat your hair, make sure to follow up with intensive conditioning treatments to restore moisture and strength.


Protect Your Hair


Heat Protection

  • Heat Styling: Always use a heat protectant spray (Such as Redken’s One United) before using hot tools like blow dryers, flat irons, or curling wands as these tools can cause significant damage and breakage if used excessively. Need help with styling? Visit us for a professional blowout or styling session to achieve a fabulous look without the damage.
  • Air Drying: Whenever possible, let your hair air dry to minimize heat exposure.


UV Protection

  • Sun Exposure: Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by UV rays. Wear a hat or use a UV-protectant spray when you’re going to be in the sun for extended periods.


Trim Regularly


Regular trims are crucial for keeping your hair healthy and preventing split ends. Aim to get a trim every 6-8 weeks, even if you’re growing your hair out. Trimming off the damaged ends will make your hair look and feel healthier. Book a haircut appointment with us, and let our skilled student stylists give your hair the perfect shape and trim.


Be Gentle


  • Brushing: Use a wide-tooth comb or a brush with soft bristles to detangle your hair, especially when it’s wet. Start from the ends and work your way up to avoid breakage.
  • Towel Drying: Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, gently squeeze out the excess water and wrap your hair in a soft towel or a T-shirt.
  • Avoiding Tight Hairstyles: Tight hairstyles can put unnecessary stress on your hair and scalp, leading to breakage. Opt for looser styles and avoid tying your hair tightly. If you love experimenting with new styles, our student stylists can help you find chic, protective hairstyles that look great and keep your hair healthy.


Choose the Right Products


Selecting the right hair care products is vital. Look for shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair type and address any specific concerns you have, like frizz or dandruff. Avoid products with harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, which can strip your hair of its natural oils. If you’re not 100% sure as to what your hair needs to stay healthy, hydrated, and looking good, our students can point you in the right direction! By booking a shampoo and blow dry service, our students will show you the exact products they used and be able to answer any questions you might have, and the best part? You’ll be able to buy them right at check out to take home with you!


Maintain a Healthy Diet


Healthy hair starts from within. Your diet plays a significant role in the health of your hair. Ensure you’re getting plenty of:


  • Protein: Hair is primarily made of protein, so include lean meats, fish, eggs, and legumes in your diet.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins A, C, D, E, and minerals like zinc and iron are essential for hair growth and health. Consider incorporating a multivitamin if your diet is lacking in these nutrients.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated from the inside out.


Sleep Smart


  • Pillowcases: Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and prevent hair breakage while you sleep. Wash/change them frequently as well to prevent a build-up of bacteria (this can also help with acne as well – a very helpful tip from our Esthetics department!)
  • Hair Protection: Consider loosely braiding your hair or tying it in a loose bun before bed to avoid tangles.
  • Silk/Satin Bonnets, Durags, and Sleep Caps: Wearing one of these overnight has a similar effect as using a silk or satin pillowcase; however, they additionally help with fewer tangles, reduced dandruff, less split ends, and they can also help with keeping certain hairstyles in place such as box braids, cornrows, twists, and many more!


Book Your Appointment Today at TSPA Fort Wayne!


When in doubt, consult one of our student stylists. We can provide personalized advice and recommend products that are best suited for your hair type and concerns. Regular visits at TSPA for treatments and trims can make a significant difference in your hair’s health. At the Salon Professional Academy Fort Wayne, we offer a variety of services to help you maintain and enhance the health and beauty of your hair. We’re also here to help you achieve your hair goals with our talented student stylists and top-of-the-line products. Whether you need a fresh cut, shampoo, color, style, or just some professional advice, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your appointment today by calling Guest Services at (260) 755-3374 and let us help you keep your locks healthy and beautiful! All services provided by students under the supervision of a licensed instructor.

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