Fall Hues

Fall has arrived and along with over-sized knit sweaters, sleek boots, and pumpkin-spiced everything, so is autumns cooler, dryer weather.  To work the weather just right and get your healthiest fall mane, consider changing up your daily hair care routine. Fall also comes with naturally drier air. Combine that with bustling winds, moisture-zapping heaters, and increased usage of hair dryers and flat irons, and end up with the perfect storm for thirsty locks. A moisturizing mask added to your hair routine can help deeply nourish hair, helping to prevent split ends and breakage.

Fall hues are gorgeous! Highlights and lighter shades look gorgeous all year long, but there’s a reason a ravishing ombre of brunettes appear this time of year. Lighter shades fade as you spend more time indoors, so go a shade or two darker to transition hair more evenly.  For your best hair care and color, call to schedule an appointment with our students at The Salon Professional Academy.