At a Glance: The Instructor Training Program

Remember when you were a cosmetology student standing behind the chair between your guest and educator. Does it bring back any memories? Now imagine being behind the chair…beside a guest and a student. Welcome to cosmetology education! By this time next year, you could be one. The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Fort Wayne, offers a program for aspiring educators of the beauty industry. Curious about a career in beauty education? Here’s what to expect!

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Remember that one educator YOU looked up to? Now you can be him or her yourself! Students can come to you for advice, guidance, and encouragement on the journey you were once on. Our Instructor Training program can provide you with a variety of skills that instructors use to work alongside cosmetology students, suggest pointers, and provide positivity.

Goal Setting

As an educator, you have goals of your own as well as goals for your students. Help your students set and attain goals throughout their education. Teaching how to both teach and inspire is a heavy focus in the Instructor Training program. This can easily be accomplished with one-on-one training to allow an honest, interpersonal relationship.

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Create a Good Learning Environment

Success and learning is best done in a culture of comfort, surrounded by positivity, drive, and patience! Our program works to foster a creative work environment and encourage our future educators to create this type of space. Feeling comfortable in your workspace develops a positive culture, one you won’t want to leave.

A Change in Industry

At TSPA Fort Wayne, we strive for a change in the industry. This furthered education is an asset toward our efforts of an advanced curriculum and refined cosmetology skill. We can initiate this culture with the Instructor Training Program! More instructors means more opportunities for a beautiful future. Learn to teach and inspire future students.

Who is the Instructor Training Program For?

Licensed Professionals

Instructor Training is available to licensed professionals with at least three years of experience in the industry.

Those With a Desire to Inspire

If you love beauty, people, are outgoing and want to help others succeed, our Instructor Training program could be for you!

Those Who Are Ready for the Next Step

Want to further your career? If you are a cosmetologist, you might be ready to take the next step and advance into cosmetology education. The program is a 1000 hour part-time schedule for the duration of 50 weeks, so you can keep working during our program.

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Want to Learn More?

Do you ever reflect on your cosmetology education experience? What did you love? Continue that passion. What would you change? Be that change. Build not just your future, but others’ too. Participating in our instructor Training program can teach you to build relationships, make memories, and meet lifelong friends.

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