Amazing Valentines Day Looks You Can Create Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is more than chocolate.

Although the chocolate makes it pretty great, the main thing that people look forward to on this romantic holiday, is, in fact, the romance. The candlelit dinners, the long walks on the beach, the kiss at the end.

Whether you are in a committed relationship, or heading out for a date in a relatively new atachment, you want to look your best. Sometimes, however, that can be difficult to accomplish. Maybe your hair is a little bit of a disaster, or you have always struggled with makeup. Or perhaps, you are so nerve-cited that you just can’t think about what look will send your date swooning.

Go from befuddled to beautiful! Here are 6 easy DIY Romantic looks you can accomplish yourself.

If you still feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t fret! Schedule a service in our student salon training area. We would love to help you create a look that will make you feel beautiful inside and out!

Love Your Locks

Twisting your tresses into the perfect updo can take work, but these creations don’t have to send you into a frizz! Here are three easy styles you can do in a heartbeat.

Love is in the Hair

woman with heart twist in hair

This statement has been around a while, but so has people sneaking hearts into their hair. We love this easy heart shaped look. While still showing the love it is an elegant style that will look good with practically anything.

Twist into Love

twisted bun hair tutorial

Easy to do, this is the perfect updo to keep your hair out of the way while on your dating adventure. Simple, yet elegant, you can easily add some jeweled clips or barrettes to help give your look some extra romance.

Give Her Roses

woman with rose braid and curls

Creating roses out of hair is easier than you think! This tutorial walks you through this beautiful look step by step, helping you create an element that your date will remember for years to come.

Love at a Glance

With one look you can say a million words, you can convey a million emotions. It’s important that that one look be ready to sing. Here are 3 easy makeup tutorials to help you say everything you want.

Pucker Up

ombre lip tutorial

Hoping for a kiss at the end of the night? Make your date’s mouth water with desire for that moment with this ombre lip look. They won’t be able to look away, and your lips will be on their mind all night.

It’s in the Contour

face contour tutorial

Have you always wanted to try a contour but have been scared to take the plunge? These easy to follow diagrams take out some of the guesswork and can help you create an amazing base.

Shimmer and Shine

rose gold eye makeup

Roses and gold. Two things everyone hopes to get on Valentine’s Day. Why wait to for the gift to come to you? Create the perfect rose gold look on your eye. Not only will you sparkle in a way that will make it impossible to look away, but the night will be full of subtle hints hidden inside of romantic glances.

Are you ready to infect your Valentine’s day with shades of shimmering beauty?

No matter if you do it yourself, or schedule a visit in our student salon training area, we hope you have a great holiday, filled with all the romance you dream of!

*All services performed by students in training under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.