Cosmetology vs Esthetics

When deciding what career you want to pursue, it might be hard to decide between a cosmetologist and an esthetician. Both careers focus on beauty, but one focuses on hair, makeup, and skin, while the other focuses mostly on skincare. It’s important to note that both career paths require different licenses in Indiana, so these two careers are not interchangeable. Here are the most notable differences between the two.


A cosmetologist usually focuses on hair, makeup, and nails. By definition, a person licensed to provide cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails. Some of the skills a cosmetologist in Indiana could learn include:

  • Hair Cutting, Coloring, and Styling
  • Nailcare
  • Waxing
  • Facials and Makeup
  • Business Skills

To get a cosmetologist license in Indiana, you are required to:

  • Enroll in a cosmetology program
  • Complete 1,500 training hours
  • Sit for the state board

Where Do Cosmetologists Work?

Licensed cosmetologists can find careers in multiple places. A common career for a cosmetologist is a hair stylist, but it’s also possible to become a makeup artist, nail technician, or even a cosmetology instructor. The growth rate in the cosmetologist profession is 10%, which is higher than average for most jobs!

Esthetics facial


An esthetician focuses more on skincare and makeup. Someone in an esthetics program might learn about the chemistry of skincare and how to best clean the skin. Estheticians focus on the skin, especially through makeup, facials, and waxing, while cosmetologists focus on hair and nails. Other skills an esthetician might learn could be:

  • Skincare services
  • Makeup application
  • Waxing
  • Spa Techniques
  • Business skills

To get an esthetics license in Indiana, you are required to:

    • Enroll in an esthetics program
    • Complete 700 training hours
    • Sit for the state board

Where Do Estheticians Work?

Estheticians might work in medical spas, salons, hotels, or even department stores. An esthetician could also work in a dermatologist’s office providing non-medical assistance to patients, or they might work in a plastic surgeon’s office as a medical esthetician. Estheticians can also choose to run their own business, depending on what they specialize in.

Cosmetology License vs Esthetician License

The state of Indiana requires separate licenses for cosmetology and esthetics. While some of the skills learned in a cosmetologist program might be similar to an esthetician program, it’s important to enroll in a program that specializes in what you are looking for in a career. An esthetician cannot work as a cosmetologist, and a cosmetologist cannot work as an esthetician.

These two careers, while similar, are different enough that they require a separate license and education. Check out our cosmetology and esthetics programs to find out more!

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Try These 7 Eye and Lip Combos to Amp Up Your Summer Look!

Summer is in full swing and we know that it’s the time of year for reinventing. If you want to spice up your everyday look try adding a bit of color! Not sure how? We have the answers! Whether you enjoy wearing a lot of makeup or not, we have a look for everyone with these colorful additions! Mix and match them to create your unique style, or try them all!

Try a pastel blue eyelid paired with a bright colored lip! We love this soft coral which dramatically contrasts the blue.

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Hey babes!💕 This look will be on my YouTube channel tomorrow!💜💕stay tuned!! Details! Eyes: @juviasplace #themagicpalette • @thebalm_cosmetics #madlash mascara • @prestige_us "Velvet Smokey eye pencil Brows: @benefitcosmetics "Good Proof pencil" #5 • #gimmebrow #5 #benefitbrows Lashes: @purcosmetics #PURbeauty 3D silk "Flirt" Face: @itcosmetics "CC Full Coverage Cream" Medium • @maybelline #agerewindconcealer • @bhcosmetics "Nude Rose Scult and Glow" Contour palette Blush/Highlight: @physiciansformula Butter Blush "Vintage Rouge" • @anastasiabeverlyhills #nicoleguerrieroglowkit "Kitty Cat" & "Forever Young" Lips: @leahjessicacosmetics "Confident" #motd#makeup#mua#anastasiabeverlyhills#ABH#sigmabeauty#ipsy#ipsyos#teammorphe#vegas_nay#hudabeauty#brian_champagne#dressyourface#norvina#Carolinebeautyinc#lillyglam#roseandben#makeupartistsworldwide#wakeupandmakeup

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We love this bright gradient eyeshadow! When your eyes are this dramatic, who needs a colorful lip?

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Timeless as ever, you can never go wrong with a red lip. Pair it with alluring eyes and you’re ready for any night out!

Flip the switch with this matte cognac lip and smoky sunset eye. This pairs well with whichever hair color you prefer!

Tangerine eyes with a strong dark liner is a great way to make your eyes stand out! Pair with a nude lip or nothing at all!

Blue is a color that looks good on everyone, and if you aren’t quite ready to call back the 80’s with a blue eyeshadow, switch it up and pair your lip with a fierce wing and copper lid!

We hope we’ve helped you get some ideas on how to add a little color to your summer. If you enjoy makeup application and would like to learn more, you can check out our esthetics program, or give us a call at 260-775-3374.


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How To Repair Damaged Hair

When treating your damaged hair, you need to consider all the time and sacrifice that comes into it. You might need to cut a few inches more frequently, deep condition weekly, utilize dry shampoo and boar brushes, take a little longer combing your wet hair, or even go natural for a bit! These top 5 ways to treat your damaged hair to get the healthy, glossy look.

  1. Get a regular trim
  2. Condition your hair
  3. Limit your washes
  4. Comb wet hair
  5. Go natural

The list above is only a small fraction of what you can do to heal your locks back to health. When people are growing their hair out, they rarely get trims. Most people don’t realize that getting a regular trim can help your hair grow faster. A regular trim removes the damaged, broken, or split ends that hold your hair down and give it the healthy, glossy look you want.


hair treatment for damaged hair


Once the ends have been trimmed, you need to keep the rest of your hair looking healthy. You can keep your locks luscious by deep conditioning it and using a leave-in conditioner. Most damaged hair is due to how dry it is, and conditioning it can hydrate and moisturize it. Conditioner adds life to your hair by promoting elasticity to your mane, adding moisture, preventing further damage, and making it look shiny and luscious.

Even though we are suggesting to condition your hair often, don’t over wash it. Over washing it can lead to your hair drying out which can lead to breakage. Washing your hair too often can also cause it to be oily and weighed it down from the amount of product in it. The thicker the hair the longer you can go between washes. Washing about twice a week is an appropriate amount for most people. If you find you have too much oily build-up, however, try a dry shampoo and a boar bristle brush in between washes. The dry shampoo will help remove oil, while the boar bristle brush will pull it down the strands, making your hair more healthy and shiny.

After you have washed your locks, try combing it rather than brushing it. Wet hair is more elastic and can break easier than dry hair. Using a brush on wet hair can be rough and cause breakage. A comb can go through your hair without yanking at it, so remember to stick to a comb when detangling your wet locks.

Last, try styling your hair without heat to avoid drying out your hair. Taking a break from heated tools allows your hair time to repair itself and not continue to be damaged.

Want to learn more ways to style your hair and keep it healthy at the same time?
Check out our cosmetology program offering safe ways to color, style and cut hair. Want to learn more about our programs and what you can do to start a career in cosmetology, contact us today.


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Why Does Beauty School Quality Matter? And How Can You Gauge It.

What does accreditation mean for a school? Does accreditation affect the training and education available? Can a student still get licensed if a school isn’t accredited?

No matter if you have been researching beauty schools for months or been in the industry for years, accreditation is a tricky subject. It can easily confuse anyone, and that’s partly because it is far more than just meeting standards and winning badges to put on your window. Accreditation extends from state requirements to brand affiliation, and it can take years to complete.
While national accreditations can be important for beauty schools, there are many other affiliations that can impact a school’s quality and education. They should not keep you from attending your dream school.

Local Regulations

Before a cosmetology school even opens there are certain regulations that they are expected to meet on their state and city level. These licensing requirements range from teacher-student ratios, to education hours, facility standards and so much more. A beauty school cannot operate without a license and these requirements set a minimum standard that every school in your area is required to meet.
It is an important base-line for the education and facility that your chosen beauty school will give you but it is not the most important corner of this foundation.

Brand Affiliation

Redken 5th Avenue logoAlmost all schools use a brand name in their student salon. However, when a school has a relationship with a brand it means much more than what they stock on their shelves. It means they could also be gaining access to advanced product knowledge and additional training for students and staff. The brand can even set additional standards for training requirements and staffing that the school would be required to meet in order to maintain their affiliation.
As a part of The Salon Professional Academy family, TSPA Fort Wayne is proud to have a relationship with Redken that allows us to pass their advanced training on to our students.

National Accrediting Bodies

There are a few National Accrediting Bodies that are recognized by the federal department of education. These accreditations set additional standards that stretch into graduation rates and teacher education. At it’s core, they are required for a school to receive federal student funding.
While important, the national accreditations takes years to complete, with a long waiting period for new schools before they can even begin the process. Because of that, schools may be meeting (and even exceeding) these standards long before their accreditation is official.

Franchise Name

The Salon Professional Academy TSPA logoIf you have ever wondered why names like McDonald’s, Massage Envy and even The Salon Professional Academy are so prevalent – it’s because these companies are run through a franchise system. Franchises are businesses that are independently owned, while still being connected to a larger brand. These type of business relationships are done so as to set a standard and expectation as to the brands quality and service. With beauty schools that can translate to a school who operates above traditional expectations.
Often, independent owners will choose one brand over another because they are passionate about a product and find a connection with the standards they offer. Such is the case with TSPA Fort Wayne. We believe in and stand by the additional requirements, expectations and standards that the TSPA brand gives its students and we are proud to wear their name and pass on that education to our students.

Curriculum Matters

While a school’s training hours and subject matter is set by the state, the actual curriculum is not a standardized system. Beauty school curriculum is offered through third party vendors, such as Milady and Pivot Point, with many schools even choosing to simply utilize their own. While there is nothing wrong with a school using their own curriculum, make sure to ask questions to ensure that the basics are covered and that a healthy business management education is included.
At TSPA Fort Wayne we are proud to offer the Summit Business Education to our students, it is a system that we use in our salons and have mastered through the years.

There is no denying that the regulations and expectations that beauty schools are put under matter. It is important to remember, however, that those same regulations can help a school become a healthy investment. And with a multiyear process for that accreditation to come through, discounting schools because of it could keep you from an education that could make your wildest dreams come true.

To learn more about how TSPA Fort Wayne is working to keep our standards high and our education superior, schedule a tour!


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