What Does A Cosmetologist Do?

It’s a question we here at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Fort Wayne hear quite a bit, the curious interest of what exactly a cosmetologist does. It may seem like a simple question with a simple answer to most of you, but to many more it leaves them scratching their heads.
We don’t blame them, either. After all, a cosmetologist is much more than societies assumption of cutting hair. And it takes much more training and knowledge than that. It is not cutting your kid sister’s hair with the rusty kitchen shears.

A Cosmetologists Knows Skin

Cosmetology Skin

Yes, it’s true. While this may seem like something more aligned with an esthetician, the basic knowledge of skin care and upkeep is actually one of the basics of a cosmetologists knowledge as well. After all, the health of your skin can directly correlate with the health of your hair. In addition to that, a cosmetologists job is to help their clients look their very best. And putting your best face forward sometimes needs a little help and guidance.

A Cosmetologists Knows Nails

Cosmetology nails

If the upkeep of your skin contributes to the health of your hair, then the care of your nails is the base-line to that beautiful system. After all, they are practically cousins. Grown from the same basic system of tissue, if your nails are struggling it can be a sign of deeper issues. While cosmetologists are not doctors, they are trained to watch for some of these signs, in addition to helping the health of your nails and keep them looking their very best.

A Cosmetologist Knows Hair

Cosmetology hair

You didn’t think we would forget the biggest one, did you? After all, the very thing that cosmetologists are known for is the cornerstone of what they do. It’s their job to create those gorgeous colors, cuts, and updos that you have been eyeing on Instagram for the last few weeks. A cosmetologists job really does include more than cutting, however, with their knowledge stretching far into what can damage your strands, how to repair said damage and tips and tricks to keep those long locks from breaking (or from falling out).

In a nutshell, a definition of a cosmetologists is “the beautification, care, and treatment of the nails, hair, and skin”. So much more than scissors and bright pink updos.
They are who keeps us looking our best, and keep those amazing trends flying strong (we are looking at you, pastel hair).

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